Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring 2011 Seminars and Workshops to focus on making, managing and monetizing data journalism projects

Spring Seminar 2011
There was a time when the typical editor’s job was pretty straightforward: he or she had to ensure that, when the presses rolled at a pre-determined time every day, the newsroom had produced enough pre-planned stories of reasonable quality and variety on pre-determined themes to fill the pre-set space between the advertising. That’s certainly changed.

Today’s mainstream media managers are expected not only to be custodians of existing operations and to satisfy existing (often shrinking) audiences, but many are also expected to identify new opportunities to reach new users using new formats on new platforms in print, online and on mobile. Increasingly, editors are expected to innovators.

The Journalism Leaders Programme's Spring 2011 seminar, Managing Multimedia Project: delivering innovation in the Digital Age, aims to help equip entrepreneurial managers meet that challenge.

Discussion leaders include a dynamic team of industry executives and senior academics:
  • Tom Johnson works in the space where journalism and technology overlap. A former editor at the Scientific American, Tom is co-founder of the Institute for Analytic Journalism and professor emeritus at San Francisco State University. 
  • Mac McCarthy is a sought-after management development consultant and senior lecturer in the School of Sport, Leisure and The Outdoors.
  • Katie Taylor has spent many years as a self-employed consultant specialising in enabling communication between different levels of staff, especially during times of radical change. She is now Senior Lecturer in Agile Software Development at UCLAN.
  • Nicola Grout-Smith is a master teacher of business accounting and finance for non-specialists at the Lancashire Business School.  
  • Karla Geci is Strategic Partner Development for Facebook and former head of marketing for Bebo. Karla works with broadcasters, media companies and content owners who want to leverage the Facebook Platform to build social applications and experiences on their owned web properties and Facebook Pages. She will be speaking at the Digital Editors Network meeting, which is part of the week's schedule.
  • Jack Riley is Head of Digital Audience & Content Development for The Independent , the i paper and the Evening Standard. Jack will be speaking at the Digital Editors Network meeting, which is part of the week's activities.
    François Nel is a digital media specialist and the founding director of the Journalism Leaders Programme.
For more information about the seminar, which runs from 23rd to 27th May 2011 in Preston and forms key part of the academic module JN4055, please download the flyer here. To participate in the seminar only, please complete this enrolment form. To find out more about how your participation can help you earn academic credit towards a postgraduate certificate, diploma or MA degree, please see the programme website and contact the programme director François Nel at FPNel @ .

Note: This Spring the Journalism Leaders Programme and Vision+Media are sponsoring the Digital Editors Network’s two-day data journalism workshop lead by Tom Johnson of the Institute for Analytical Journalism. More information about #djcamp2011 on 19th to 20th May in Manchester is available here.