Saturday, December 05, 2009

World Newspaper Future and Change Study 2009 results previewed at #WANindia09

The results of the World Newspaper Future and Change Study 2009 were summarised in a presentation to the 62nd World Newspaper Congress in Hyderabad.

I Tweeted (@francoisnel) a few of key points:

#waninindia09 World Newspaper Future & Change Study: only 1/3 of repondents say corps R prepared 4 changes required 2 survive, thrive

#waninindia09 WNF&C Study: Top priorities 4 training r 'new biz dev/innovation', ads sales, e-biz + management & leadership development

#waninindia09 WNF&C Study: journos & editors still reluctant 2 change. Australasians rate 'em even more resistant than printers & admin

#waninindia09 WNF&C Study: 84% say need 2 maintain or increase media & leadership training, while 1.8% will cut that & 7.3% don't invest

The study, conducted in collaboration with colleages at the World Association of Newspapers & News Publishers and the Norwegian School of Management, will also be reported in an upcoming Shaping of the Future of the Newspaper report. And, of course, the respondents who chose to add their contact details will be receiving a copy.

The next study will be completed in time for the 63rd Congress in Lebanon in June 2010.